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Topic of the Month - New Hormone treatment for Infertile PCOs

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Topic of the Month

New Hormone treatment for Infertile PCOs

Polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCO as commonly known as has been a major cause of ovarian factor infertility. Hormone alterations that happen in PCOs do not allow the eggs come out of ovary either in time or not at all. From weight reduction to IVF treatment including ovarian drilling where in small electric current is applied to ovaries to make them produce eggs. All have their own drawbacks.

Regular Hormone injections given in most cases tend to have two side effects either you do not produce eggs or produce one too many (commonly referred to as OHSS in which you may get away easily in mild cases but moderate to severe cases need hospitalization and will suffer from avoidable morbidity)-either way the vary purpose of treatment is lost.

In our centre we are have adopted a novel protocol where in we use small doses of Recombinant FSH over a long period of time subcutaneously i.e. underneath the skin with very small disposable needle (we do educate our PCOs to take injections at home as they available in form of pen) to mimic nature and deliver the just adequate dose of hormone required to produce in most cases, a single egg or at the most two eggs. The chances of OHSS described above are from very negligible to almost nil and the consequences of same.

Lot of patients who have opted for this treatment which is called Chronic Low dose FHS protocol are happy and pregnant.  

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