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About us



Welcome to our new spacious, state of art IVF centre where we offer you advanced infertility treatment options like IVF, ICSI, LAH (Laser assisted Hatching), Embryo freezing, FET (Frozen Embryo Transfers), surgical sperm recovery (TESA, TESE, PESA, MESA), Donor Egg cycles and Surrogacy along with IUI and Therapeutic Donor inseminations.

All under one roof treatment of infertility, we have, well equipped laboratory for us to evaluate you for routine and advanced hormone tests (we do have an additional advantage of getting some hormone test results in few hours so that we can plan our cycle better), an OT complex with dedicated Endoscopy unit where we do perform diagnostic laparoscopy and hysteroscopy, LOD (laparoscopic ovarian drilling) Cornual cannulation for proximal tubal blocks and Fertility enhancing surgeries. Tubal microsurgery is offered to needy patients.

Out of city/overseas patients can contact us for accommodation.